Health Essentials – Why You Need Hoodia Plus?

Is Hoodia Plus the answer to your excess weight problem?

Obesity is a medical condition wherein an individual has accumulated excess body fats. Such condition may result into various adverse effects on health which include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, osteoarthritis and difficulty breathing during sleep. These in return can lead you to reduced life expectancy. That is why it is so important to take note of your weight and ensure that you are within the ideal values.

Actually, people are already aware of these facts. Though we knew that exercising is the best way to burn off the extra calories, we literally have no time to go to gym and workout. We may be so busy with our families, our work and careers. Dieting is another issue. There are so many temptations around us and keeping ourselves with the mouthwatering delicacies is really tough. So, what you should do? Is there an effective way to lose weight?

Introducing, Hoodia Plus!

Hoodia Plus is a natural food supplement that can help you reduce weight in a natural way. It is by suppressing your appetite therefore reducing your caloric intake. With Hoodia Plus, you do not need so much effort to resist food temptations!

This weight-loss supplement came from a plant known as Hoodia which looks like a cactus that grows in South African deserts. For centuries, this plant has been used by bushmen during their hunting trips to fight off hunger.

How does Hoodia Plus works?

Studies have shown that the main ingredient of the hoodia plant is the P57. Though there are several species of hoodia, there is only one particular kind that has this essential element – the Hoodia gordonii. P57 basically imitates glucose and tells your brain that you already have eaten well in fact, not. This way, no matter how you little you eat, you will still feel you have eaten a lot. So less food intake = less calories = weight loss.

What is best with Hoodia Plus is that it is safe and effective. Because it targets the part of your body which controls your appetite in the natural way, it does not lead to any adverse effects at all.

What makes it different from any other diet and weight loss supplements?

Hoodia Plus does not make extraordinary or magical promises. It is not instant weight loss. It does not dissolve your fats right away or shoot up and boost your metabolism. It simply makes you stop eating. In other words, it helps you control your food – it helps you diet. As you may know, it is very hard to diet especially when you are used to eating large amount of food. It is very hard to pretend you are full when in fact your stomach is screaming with hunger. Changing one’s lifestyle is one of the most difficult things to do. However, with Hoodia, you do not need to struggle anymore. You are now in full control of your food choices.

Natural Health – Essential Oils That Balance Vata Dosha

Wouldn’t it be nice to break old emotional patterns of worry, fear, and anxiety?

Do you find that your mind wanders to the past or the future more than you’d like?

At times it can be beneficial to see where we’ve been, and to have a sense of what we’d like to create in the future, but if your mind is constantly “chattering” to you it can interfere with your health, sleep, productivity, and enjoyment of life. If your emotions have decided to “camp out “in your head, creating unwanted, repetitive patterns and behaviors it may be the result of an imbalanced vata dosha.

In Ayurveda, vata is responsible for motion in the body. When it is balanced it promotes healthy digestion, creativity, and movement in positive directions. But when vata is aggravated, which is characteristic of the qualities inherent in this dosha, it can lead to anxiety, feeling scattered,unfocused, moody, and absentminded. Vata types often find themselves victims of sleepless nights.

Because essential oils effect our limbic system in the brain they can be useful in breaking cycles of behavior and restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. Because our sense of smell is connected to our limbic system essential oils can realign our moods, memories, desires, and appetites allowing for natural health and healing to occur.

– To balance fearful, anxious states try: angelica, jatamansi, bergamot, geranium, vetiver, or cedarwood.

– To promote and restore a sense of being grounded and centered try: angelica, eucalyptus, chamomile, basil, cypress, or rose.

– To promote sound sleep try: chamomile, lavender, mandarin, neroli, rose, or thyme.

– If you’re feeling moody try: benzoin, bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, geranium or rosewood,

By using essential oils to balance the body mind and spirit one can restore harmony in day to day living and reach the highest state of the potential, “Sattva”…..the place where we are meant to live and play.

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