Alkaline Water – Trend or Health Essential?

What role does Alkaline Water play in your overall goal of being healthy and preventing disease if any? As with any health topic, there is a heated debate on whether alkaline water really does anything to help your body’s pH levels.

Unfortunately many exaggerated claims tend to make it hard to know what to believe. Not being a doctor, biologist or having any other prestigious titles marking me as expert, I tend to lean on side of common sense personally.

With so much attention being focused on the importance of diet and lifestyle choices in supporting overall wellness, I don’t think it is without merit to also evaluate the quality of water I’m putting into my body.

In general, whatever you can do in your daily habits such as adding alkaline healthy greens and vegetables is a good thing. Off course you need to also focus on reducing the amount of acid forming foods in your diet like many processed foods and beverages such as soda and other processed sugary beverages.

I’ve also read in many places that stress can also affect your pH levels among many other body systems. So I’m sure a little daily exercise like a simple 20-minute walk could do wonders for helping manage stress and possible help with your pH levels.

There are many simple ways you can ensure you are drinking alkaline water. There are ionizer machines that increase the pH of your water. If these machines are not in your budget you can purchase alkaline supplements to add to your water. Of course you can also seek our water from the store that is already naturally alkaline due to it’s source like many artesian waters that have naturally occurring alkaline minerals in the water already.

So when it comes to the water I put in my body, if I have to choose between acidic water, defined as being below a pH of 7.0 and an alkaline water of over 7.0 it’s a no-brainer for me. Even if the merit of alkaline water is still a matter of debate, if my water is Alkaline at least I’m not working again my goal of maintaining a proper healthy pH balance in my body. When dealing with your own health, would you choose to ingest something which raises your health and well being or something that lowers your overall endurance? When in doubt, let common sense will prevail!