Health Essentials – Taurine

Taurine for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is having a baby in the womb of a mother or female. Pregnancy is the result of the female egg merging with the male sperm called spermatozoon, in a cycle we call in medical term as fertilization, or more commonly known as “conception”. In pregnancy a woman has different instructions to be followed. It will depend on their obstetricians if they are going to take vitamins or not. There are some questions if the amino acid taurine is good for a pregnant mother.

Taurine is an organic substance that was named after the bull Taurus. It is one of the few sulfonic acids. It is a colorless crystalline substance found in the fluids of the muscles and lungs of human as well as animals. It can also be found in the blood cells and cardio muscles. It is a main ingredient of bile. This substance gives different health benefits.

Perceptions on Taurine

Like some other dietary supplements, there is no clear result on some scientific studies whether taurine is safe or harmful for pregnant women. It is assumed that it is safe for pregnant women because it was produced naturally by the human body. Some pregnant women drink energy drinks and supplement where taurine is present.

A liver and muscle taurine concentration decreases within the duration of the gestation period. In a given extent of pregnancy, there were no connection between these three tissue concentrations and birth weight. A pregnant woman may think that a substance may be more effective during pregnancy but as mentioned there is no concrete evidence on a bad side effect of taurine while pregnant.

Taurine during Breastfeeding

Similar to pregnancy, the amino acid contained by taurine has no proof of being unsafe for breastfeeding. Actually, taurine is an important content of milk in a mom’s breast. If you will notice, some infant formulas such as milk and soft processed food contain taurine. It is because infants do not have that much ability of making taurine on its own because they are not yet fully developed.

Because of the infant formulas where taurine was present, many people were convinced that it will take no side effect on breastfeeding. On the other hand, because taurine is a dietary supplement, a mother’s body should not be producing that much milk. Because of this, a baby may not get enough nutrients from the mother’s womb.

The components of taurine present in infant foods may not be a similar content as to taurine produced by the own body. As of now, taking taurine during the breastfeeding period does not have any proven benefits or side effects even though there are plenty of taurine produced by the human body.

Regardless of the studies that are conducted by different organizations, a pregnant woman should be the first one to be responsible in their pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since there are no concrete evidences on both, the best thing that they can do is to coordinate with their doctor.