Essential Oils and Wrinkles – A Positive Connection

Let’s talk for just a little bit about essential oils and wrinkles. Everyone knows that the body requires certain kinds of oils to keep our skin in a healthy condition, but few people realize the positive connection between fish oil and wrinkles. This is part of what I’m going to talk about today.

The anti aging skin care market is booming today, and the tie in has finally been made between essential oils and wrinkles. By using the right mix of these oils in their skin care products a company can now come up with a formula that will effectively treat the outward signs of aging.

Science has just recently begun to learn about the interrelation between fish oil and wrinkles. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids play a huge role in keeping all parts of our body running smoothly. The omega fatty acids found in dietary fish and fish oil supplements are a perfect example of these.

Avocado oil, which is used in many natural skin care products contain both omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids. Once I describe to you exactly what these acids do you will begin to understand the association between essential oils and wrinkles.

The major interworking between omega 3 rich fish oil and wrinkles is that omega 3 will reduce the effect of UV radiation on our skin which greatly reduces the incidence of photo-aging. The free radicals produced by UV light are considered a major cause for the way our skin begins to look as we age.

The association between omega 9 essential oils and wrinkles is those omegas 9′s have a wonderfully beneficial effect on our circulatory system, which tends to suffer as we get older. This will help to keep the skin fully nourished with blood, and will prevent the hemoglobin and fluid buildup that causes bags, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes.

So, you can clearly see the connection between fish oil and wrinkles, and why they are essential to our skin. I always tell people that even though they use skin care products that contain fatty acids in them, they should still find a good oral fish oil supplement to ensure getting the full range of health benefits.

Wakame Japanese sea kelp helps to raise the level of hyaluronic acid in your skin. The low levels of these essential oils and wrinkles go hand in hand, because hyaluronic acid loss causes many of the problems with our appearance as we age. Higher levels will make our skin full and taut again.

Another relationship between fish oil and wrinkles is remedied by the use of Grape seed oil in our skin care products. This ingredient also contains omega fatty acids, and it is also a powerful antioxidant. This means that it will aid in eradicating our damaging free radicals and in restoring our skin back to good health.

Essential oils and wrinkles are intimately intertwined, and by following the right skin care and diet regimen you can turn back father time by essentially refurbishing your skin.

Natural Health – 3 Ways Essential Oils Improve Your Health

Essential oils have been used in many cultures, as healing remedies, for thousands of years. Therapeutic grade essential oils do more than create a pretty fragrance, they react with the body and travel through pathways to improve health and wellbeing.

There are three phases in the healing pathways.

- First, essential oils penetrate the into the skin when applied topically. They quickly penetrate into the general circulation, via the lymphatic and blood capillary systems. Once in the general circulation of your body they can be carried directly to the liver and other organs. As the oils circulate with the blood, body tissues and organs may choose any portion of the oil it wishes to use in its metabolic processes….or simply receive stimulation, sedation, or beneficial properties of the oil as it passes through.

- Second, the body/mind has the opportunity to benefit from the essential oils as they leave the body. Yes, it’s important to remember nothing stays in the body for very long.

Eucalyptus is transported to the lung surfaces and calms the mucous membranes as it leaves the body. Rose oil stimulates bile production as it is processed by the liver, Helping to improve the elimination of toxins from the body. Yarrow oil migrates back to the skin, increasing perspiration and the acid mantle , ( a protective layer of the skin). The acid mantle helps protect the pH level of your skin, warding of infection and skin disorders.

- Thirdly, the pathway that has the most profound benefit to the body/mind is through the sense of smell. When we smell essential oils, the vapor stimulates a very sensitive area, the olfactory nerve. This nerve is the only nerve in the body that directly contacts your external environment and goes all the way to the brain. All our other senses; touch, sight, hearing, and taste, involve other nerves, synapses, and junctions before the “message” reaches the brain.

This olfactory nerve stimulates the most primitive part of your brain, known as the limbic system. Why should you care? This is the area of the brain that is important in processing, emotions, desires, appetities, and memories. Aha! This direct connection is how essential oils can have a profound and immediate effect on our health and wellbeing. Essential oils can effect lasting change and benefits on a very deep aspect of our beingness.

If you are ready to make positive changes and improvement in the quality of your health, essential oils can provide the perfect catalyst for your body, mind, and spirit.

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From Martha Gesegnet RN, CHTP, CNS, Author of the highly acclaimed book, “8 Steps to Naturally Heal Chronic Pain”